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PC Spy Keylogger

PC Spy Key logger is a basic local key logger software that can record all users’ activities on your personal computers.

Local Keylogger Pro

Local Key logger Pro is a professional local key logger software that can track and record all users’ activities on any computers.

Remote Keylogger Pro

Remote Key logger Pro is a professional remote key logger software that can remote monitor ANY computer through the Internet

Local Keylogger Pro – Recent Reviews

sp_editor_excellent“Excellent product! I needed a keylogger for my personal computer and I downloaded a lot of programs and this was by far the best. An easy interface and a handy search tool for easy access to the numerous amounts of data the program stores. Capable of recording screenshots at certain times or mouse clicks! I have not purchased this item for I downloaded it only for a trial, but if I was to use a keylogger more often, I would certainly buy this software. A great keylogger and exactly what anyone would want.” by jim81613 at
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Features PC Spy Keylogger Local Keylogger Pro Remote Keylogger Pro
Keystroke Recording  Read more  Read more
Web Surfing Recording (HTTP)
Chat Messenger Recording
File Transfer Recording (FTP)
P2P Download Recording
Email Logging
Email Attachments
Instant Messaging Logging
AOL Recording
AIM Recording
YAHOO Recording
MSN Recording
ICQ Recording
Logging of Launched Applications
Clipboard Logging
Password Logging
Screen Shot Capturing
Screen Shot Slide Show
Warning Screen for Monitoring
Screenshot Delivered via FTP
Screenshot Delivered via Email
Logs Delivered via FTP
Logs Delivered via Email
Disable Keylogger when computer is offline
Capture screen when user press ENTER
Capture screen on mouse click
Stealth Mode/Hot Keys
Customized Log Location
Settings Export/Import
Password Protection
Online Upgrades Available
Encryption for Logged Files
Application Skin able
Custom System Tray Icon
Keyword Detection
Compress Logs
Remote Install
Remote Monitor
Remote Uninstall
Scheduled Monitoring
Spyware Detection Disable
Automatic Log Deletion
Online Chat
Email/Online Forms
Knowledge Base/FAQ’s
Supported Configurations
Windows XP
Windows 2000
Windows ME
Windows 98
Windows 95